FRESHMAN YEAR - Bullies Beware

Anita Ryan-Webster
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Genres: Young Adult, Multicultural, Women's Interests. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 34, Total 926.
Freshman Year Bullies Beware
by Kesia Ryan-Webster & Anita Ryan-Webster

Tiara Johnson is on top of the world. Talented, driven, and popular, shes just led the Boston Middle School track team to victory. But when Tiaras parents announce that theyre relocating to Washington, DC, Tiaras worldand her place in itturns upside down. Instead of going to high school in the fall with her friends, Tiara will be transferring to Skidmore Prep, a very elite institution in DC where most of the students have known each other since pre-k.

Determined to find a place for herself in her new environment, Tiara begins to make friends and earns a coveted spot on the Skidmore tennis team. Not everyone, however, is pleased with Tiaras arrival. Alicia Blackstone takes her insecurities out on Tiara when Tiara outperforms her on the tennis courts. With the help of her cronies, Alicia launches a campaign of bullying and rumor mongering. Can Tiara stop Alicias clique from destroying the next four years of her life?
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