Dead men make the best heroes.

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Dead Men Make The Best Heroes.
A spy thriller set against the background of the Middle East conflict between the PLO and Israel in the mid 1970ís.
Patrick Braun is a well respected commercial diver, but he is man with a dark secret. His past catches up with him after a lapse of twenty years when his name appears on an IRA suspect list and he comes to the attention of three intelligence agencies: MI 6, in London, Mossad in Tel Aviv and the PLO in Damascus.
He is honey trapped by a beautiful Arab girl into teaching a group of her friends how to dive while on a holiday in Cyprus. Only later does he find they are a PLO group planning to blow up a ship in Israel. Unknown to them, their every move is being tracked by agents from Mossad, the Israeli Secret Service.
The action moves swiftly between England, Bahrain, Cyprus, Lebanon, Damascus and Tel Aviv, with an explosive finish and a devious twist in the tail.

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