Frozen Princess 137-ZOE

C. De Melo
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Genres: Science Fiction, Contemporary. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 49, Total 825.
Zo Adams opens her eyes and discovers she is in a hospital. She is the 137th person to awaken from a cryogenic stupor that lasted for almost two decades! Thanks to her rich and powerful husband, Michael, she managed to escape the clutches of death after contracting the dreaded bio-terrorist virus known as the Pod. Michael funded the research that led to its cure, thus making him Americas #1 hero. At first, her luxurious new home and the celebrity status she enjoys as a rare cryo-person is exciting, but she gradually begins to notice that things are not quite what they seem. Michael's brother, Lance, confirms her suspicion that something is terribly wrong. They bond together and try to discover Michael's secret, but the sexual tension between them is a constant distraction...
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