Expiry date: not the end

Anita Jain
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Expiry Datenot the end, is not a love story it is the story of love. Lovethe most important element required to live. Love with its in-built wisdom and justice works its way in our lives. Love with as many of its hues as one can imagine in our lifetime is the process of living. Living a life full of love is not just having life but owning it, being alive in life, living as living should be, life as life should beexperiencing life, negotiating with the lows, breezing through the highs, learning from our own experiencethe first hand experience of living.
Why do we ever livea question that the protagonist tries to find answers for, and in the process, he finds out how to perfect his life as well as learns to shape a few other lives.
Expiry datenot the end, came to be while wondering about what could make man entirely happy. An attempt to find answers to questions like:
Is expiry datedeaththe end dot in a life sentence?
Is it a painful end to an unpleasant life?
Or is it like an experience of sleep, awaking from sleep to come back to be aware of ourselves after a good nights sleep. The quest of God doesnt mean a thing in the present state of chaos in our lives. Neither people urging us to think positive make any sense when we can sense all but negativity around us. What is the link between God and love/Positivity? Looking for God makes one loving/positive or a loving/positive mind is ready to face God.
Flying on the wings of positivity can help one reach God The state within. God perhaps has intentionally implanted in us all that it takes to make us in his image. That is what he desires, seemingly to make us God conscious. When man imbibes the nature of God, when he displays all the attributes of God, he becomes THAT all powerful, yet humble; all knowing, yet silent; all pervasive, and yet invisible.
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