CASANOVA Downsized

Avenol Franco
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Genres: Humour, Multicultural, Family Saga. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 62, Total 1169.
CASANOVA downsized, is funny and witty; the second instalment of Alejandro Fausts saga....In this episode our hero goes through a rough patch learning the art of romance, earning in many ways a credible comparison to the memorable seducer Giacomo Casanova, but not without some unexpected results.

CASANOVA consists of four of Alejandros brief transformative experiences. PUPPY LOVE, a vicarious, first romantic experience for a kid 12 years old.

MY FIRST DOMINATRIX, 15 now, Alejandro is confronted, for the first time, with a 16 year old girl - an expert practitioner of the erotic arts of the Kamasutra, who gives him a preview of Paradise.

A CHAPERONE FROM HELL, when 17. Alejandro encounters a mother looking for a good prospect for her daughters future.

And finally, A VINDICTIVE HUSBAND, Alejandro now 42, is reunited with his high school girlfriend - married to a much older malicious, nasty man 60, perhaps more.

The four very brief stories are all part of ALEJANDROS JOURNEY, the saga that begins when I first introduced you to Alejandro in - THE REPORT CARD - as this precocious underachiever, constantly trying to convince his mother his weekly C+ is in fact a B and not what is printed on his report card. That is how we get to know this young man I am following. Sometimes using comedy, as in Casanova - sometimes Romance and Drama, as in - ROMANCING ISADORA - all are or will be short books or novellas following Alejandro as he grows to be a successful business and family man.

There are several e-books and hardcover ones to come. Through them we will witness Alejandros ups and downs, romantic adventures, extraneous failures and periods of considerable abundance. Never giving up, always coming back with a renewed zest for life and joi de vivre.
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