Embracing the Spoken Word

Calesia Graham
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Genres: Religious and Inspirational, Contemporary, Non-Fiction. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 64, Total 777.
Have you ever received a spoken word over your life? It could be that someone once prophesied over your life, or they imparted a word of divine revelation on your path? Well, I have had this happen to me, on numerous occasions. Despite this, I still do not think that anything can surpass the joy of hearing God speak to you himself. Am I right? Yes, it is lovely when someone speaks to you from the mouth of God, but it is definitely an unspeakable joy when God speaks to you directly. I believe that God speaks to us in different ways; he speaks to our hearts, our minds He can even speak through our surroundings or directly to our ears wherein we hear the authoritative voice of our creator. In light of this, I want to share my budding testimony with you all, on how God spoke to me concerning a crucial area in my life. A word that would change my life forever.
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