Lord I want to be a Worshipper in my heart

Gregory D Hadnott
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What is worship? Why is worship important in the believer's walk? We all have heard so many things said, taught, preached and written about the subject of worship. There have been conferences given to teach us how to worship or to have greater levels and depths in our worship experience. I am not here to take anything away from what you have heard nor do I have some great and deep "new revelation" about worship. I only want to add to everything you already know, have heard, or maybe what you have taught. But what I do want to do is take the mystery out of worship. I want to take away the notion that real worship is for those who are experiencing certain levels and depths in the Spirit and for all the rest, you will get there. Our goal and aim is to take the supernatural event and experience of worship and pull it into the natural realm so that it can be manifested in our everyday lives. Our intention is to make worship practical, something we walk out everyday in our normal lives so that we can touch other people's lives.
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