The Phoenix and the Brighton Belle

P J Alexander
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Genres: Crime, Contemporary, Dark Fantasy. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 54, Total 891.
A man wakes up in a cell each morning not knowing how he ended up a killer. He has no recollection of the victim, his estranged wife, or for that matter anyone associated with her. A disclosure by a probation officer that he has a daughter, Rosie, motivates him to apply for early release. His ex-father-in-law, a policeman, is determined that Rosie remains his. Ben Buchanan is a tortured soul given to impetuous mood swings that often end in aggression. Not certain who he is, he is on the edge of insanity. He talks elliptically as if part of his brain has been excised. His cell-mates are a teenager with learning difficulties and a Colombian drug importer who serenades them each evening with South American ballads which fire Benís imagination by creating an alter ego, a conquistador. The Captain rejuvenates him by countering an impaired memory. On release Ben embarks on a crusade of revenge when one of his cell-mates is murdered. Fred Stewart, a police inspector, half-heartedly tracks down a mystery serial killer. He is Super Cop and yearns for retirement when he can move to France with Rosie and his wife, Debbie, who is recovering cancer. He is anally fixated by protocol and deluded about self-importance. Reputation is all. He is determined to protect his reputation and the reputation of his murdered daughter, Paula, a world famous artist.
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