Strapped for Cash - Book 3 Sexy Seventies Series

Andrene Low
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Genres: Chick Lit, Satire, Historical Fiction. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 92, Total 718.
Historic art thefts and forgeries. Blackmail capable of bringing down a government. Slap and tickle that could prove fatal. Will Brenda ever make a living that doesnt involve crusty old men?

Since puberty, Brenda has never had any issues with money. Shes always been more than well cared for by the old guys shes latched onto. She drapes herself over them in public, providing company and kudos; they pay for everything.

Set in London at the end of the seventies, when the country was grappling with the iron rule of Margaret Thatcher, and the economy was in serious need of some CPR, we see Brenda struggling to sort out her own finances, with the irony shes being *****ed out of her own nest egg by a bloke not lost on her.

But, never keen on the nine-to-five and much preferring ninety-five-and-loaded, Brenda opens a school for girls, teaching the art of opening the wallets of old chaps who can afford it. She hopes it pans out, because apart from the financial implications, she doesnt fancy a love life thats destined to be littered with dodgy prostates and emergency CPR. Perhaps the most valuable thing she learns through her school is theres a lot more to family than the blood relations youve been lumbered with.

Strapped for Cash is the third in Andrene Lows Sexy Seventies Series with humour that takes no prisonersunless thats what theyre paying for.

What others are saying:

Loved the whole series - could not put them down! Awesome characters, fantastic storyline. Can't wait for the next one to come out!

Loved it. Couldn't wait to get to the end. HAD to know what was going to happen. Felt that all three books had finally 'tied' everything up - literally and metaphorically... This would make an amusing television series. The little nods to things from the Seventies was a great touch, there were just enough to make you cast your mind back fondly without overwhelming you with cheesy nostalgia. Not chick lit. Not pure comedy. Not romance. Not crime. But a delicious mixture of all those genres.

Loved this series and this book tied up everything nicely. The humor and wit throughout the book was delightful and I was laughing out loud a few times. This writer gets better and better!
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