ELVES, FAERIES, FAE, AND OTHERKIN TRIBES: More Descriptions of Otherworldly Folk

The Silver Elves
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Genres: Religious and Inspirational, Multicultural, Fantasy. Format: Paperback. Views: This Week 23, Total 48.
ELVES, FAERIES, FAE, AND OTHERKIN TRIBES: More Descriptions of Otherworldly Folk is the third book by The Silver Elves in the series of Elf, Fae and Otherkin tribes. Their first book, Elf Tribes, is composed strictly of Elfin tribes (150+); and the second book, Faerie, Fae, and Otherkin Tribes, describes Faerie, Fae and Otherkin tribes (150+). After publishing the first two books in this series, they continued to have many of their kindred fill out the kin type survey and contact them asking for a tribe narrative, so this third book in the series contains all of these new tribe narratives to this date and is dedicated to a variety of tribes of elven kind, faeries, fae that are faerie blends, otherkin, otherworldly, and miscellaneous assorted fae. The 124 tribe narratives in this third volume are all newly published and are not found in the two previous books. Some of the narratives are a bit longer than those in the first two books.

You will find as you read through the many narratives in this book that the many tribes of the elfin, faerie, fae, otherkin and otherworldly are quite varied in their history, spiritual practices, spell crafting, magic, healing abilities, lifestyle, art, ancient ways, governance, love of nature, relationship to mankind, preferences, symbols and skills. Besides tribes of elves and faerie folk, this book includes orders of the Shining Ones who are advancing upon the path of light and realization by returning to physical form to help heal others. Also included are tribes of unicorns and centaurs, leprechauns, the dryad, were-wolves, dragons, dragon fae and starkin, pixies, phookas, shapeshifters, djinn, fauns and satyrs, orcs, some mixed otherkin tribes, the unseelie, dwarves, dcklfar and svartalfar, mermaids, selkies, sirens, water sprites, bogles, brownies, and Kitsune.
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