Brush With Fame - Book 2 Sexy Seventies Series

Andrene Low
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Genres: Chick Lit, Satire, Historical Fiction. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 84, Total 539.
Chocolate-box portraits of small yappy dogs. Being blackmailed by a Hooray Henry whos missing a chin. B&D involving a four-inch paint brush. Will Jennie be able to get even without being locked up?

Rocking up in England, Jennie has to fall back on her long-ignored artistic talents to make ends meet. Painting portraits of the spoiled pooches is weird, but pays a lot more than temp office work.

Everythings rosy until Jennie runs into Rupert Smythe-Brown, an aristocratic prat used to getting his own way, no matter who gets hurt in the process. Jennies painted into a corner before something inside her snaps, she turns feral, and Rupert doesnt know whats hit him. Well he does, but for once hes not enjoying it.

Set in late seventies London when punks liked to superglue unfortunates to the walls of The Embankment and the British aristocracy thought nothing of being thrashed for pleasure, Brush With Fame sets a spanking pace. This is the second in Andrene Lows Sexy Seventies Series with humour thats black, irreverent, and cutting. WARNING: This story follows on from Friday Night Fever and does contain a spoiler.

What others are saying:

I think I enjoyed this book more than book 1. The characters are awesome, Eadie, Charlie the cat and the fur coated room. And Rupert getting stuck was hilarious. Looking forward to book #3.

This is the second book in the series. And I loved it. There wasn't as much sex as in the first novel in the series, but the sex was replaced with intrigue and manipulative conniving! A great storyline, with some clever twists. Lovely writing, which flowed seamlessly across the pages. The characters are strong, and its refreshing to see strong female characters instead of simpering weak boy-obsessed girls. Set in the 1970s in London, I loved reading about places I could recognise. The attention to detail is extreme, and I love that in a book. Looking forward to reading the next one in the series - *****ed for Money.

Loved the book, the second in this series. Excellent writing and plot! A must read.
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