A Star for Annie

Lizabeth Scott
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Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Chick Lit. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 78, Total 1117.
A Star for Annie, the second installment in Lizabeth Scott's Hearts of Gold Series is now available.
Climb on board The Carter Ryan - World Storm Tour with an all access backstage pass. Go behind the scenes and become part of the crew who takes the world by storm!
Music headliner, Carter Ryan discovers he needs a nanny for his daughter, Cheyenne. Carter never anticipated his daughters defender and escort to be the luscious and utterly breathtaking Dr. Gold. After one look, he decides he doesnt want just any nanny, he wants Dr. Gold.
Dr. Sylva Ann Gold couldnt believe the sweet little girl in her emergency room had been dropped off and abandoned. Upon further investigation she discovers the infuriating man, Cheyennes father, to be one of the hottest and mouthwatering men she had ever seen, and when he sang on stage, there wasnt a person in the venue that wasnt a Carter Ryan fan, Annie included.
When Carter turned out to be a responsible, and loving father Annies original opinion of him starts to shatter. When her good deed lands her without a job, Carter offers her the position of Cheys temporary nanny, along with the full responsibility of hiring a quality nanny for her replacement.
Annie couldnt turn the offer down she did have college loans to payback, and three months of suspension from the hospital. She agreed to stay and help Carter find someone to care for Chey.
From the moment they jump on the tour bus, Annie and Carter clash at every ***p in the road. The chemistry between them becomes impossible to ignore, but were they victims of cir***stance or was there something more?
Note from the Author:
The Gold sisters are three identical sisters with vastly different personalities, careers, and taste in men.
Rose, the business minded, no nonsense sister, found her match, and a whole lot more than she could have ever imagined in A Sheik for Rose.
Annie, in A Star for Annie, is the determined brainiac of the group was voted in high school as Most Likely to Succeed. Her sisters couldnt believe she left a career she had worked so hard to achieve to become a nanny, even for the deliciously hot Carter Ryan.
Mary, in A Cowboy for Mary, coming Summer 2015, has always been the leader of the pack. Mary lives the life of a big successful lawyer in New York. But, sometimes appearances can be deceiving. Mary may have secrets, but then again, her cowboy may have a few of his own.

The Hearts of Gold Series includes:
A Sheik for Rose - Available now!
A Star for Annie - April 2015 release!
A Cowboy for Mary - Coming Soon!
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