The Journey

Bruce A Borders
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Genres: Young Adult, General Fiction, Family Saga. Format: Multiple. Views: This Week 19, Total 821.
When a teenage boy, who thinks he knows it all, leaves home in search of a better life, he finds out the hard way what everyone must learn growing up isnt an easy thing to do.
Leaving home at fifteen, Kyle Davis path to adulthood takes him on an eventful ride, and at times a dangerous one. His firsthand experiences with the cruel realities of a callous world drive home the point that he has a lot to learn and a long ways to go.
Unwilling to admit his mistakes, he flounders a while before finally accepting life for what it is hard work. It takes considerably more time for him to reach the point of going home and apologizing. Thats when he discovers the world didnt stop to wait for him. Home isnt quite the way he remembers it, and he sees how drastically things can change.
Still, certain things remain the same; principles and values are a constant. It isnt a persons age, location or where they are in life that determines when theyve become an adult. Kyle realizes The Journey is more than merely miles traveled. The road to maturity, whether literal or figurative, takes a person only as fast as they are willing to go. Yet, at some point, everyone has to make The Journey.
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