Helen Laycock
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Genres: Children's, Mystery, Action and Adventure. Format: Multiple. Views: This Week 22, Total 861.
'I'm reluctant to give five stars to anything, but Salt really nails my number one criteria, keep me interested and engaged.'
'Gripping read, highly recommended for middle grade'
'Salt is one of those stories that pulls the reader into the action.'
'many twists and turns'
'an enchanting read'
'Vivid imagery and nicely flowing prose add to the strengths of the narrative'
'Having recently read and reviewed another of Helen Lay****'s books, "Mandrake's Plot," I can once again assert that this is another gem amidst the many children's books'
'Your heart will be beating as you go along with Toby and his new friend Hattie as they piece together clues and encounter dangerous obstacles.'
'Helen Lay**** has woven a whimsical tale'
'Salt is not what I expected, but it was so wonderfully well written that the characters truly came alive.'
'The characters are very believable and realistic'
'The narrative flows well and the focus on the main characters keeps the storyline easy to follow.'
'The author is very precise in setting the scene and providing rich descriptions of places and people'
'Strange happenings after dark, secret tunnels, a new friendship with a mysterious girl, what else would any kid want from a summer vacation in a seaside village. How about getting the chance to solve a baffling mystery? The main character, Toby, gets it all, and so will the reader.'
'What could be better than reclaiming a man from the dead, cursed booty and outwitting many a menacing foe?'
'The plot is well thought out and as the adventure begins, the story unfolds, coming to a swift resolution by the end'
'It is exciting and once again I am reminded of the work of Enid Blyton.'
'Both girls and boys will be attracted to this high-adventure story'
'Helen Lay****'s books are most definitely recommended'

A holiday at Pirates Cove with Great Aunt Win is nothing like Toby expects it to be He is baffled by the mysterious beach fires and eerie singing he witnesses during the night. He is fascinated, too, by the weird and wonderful tales of the town: not only the legend of the pitiful Mary-Anne, said to row out nightly to the Blue Rock, but also of the peculiar cursed gold plate locked in the guesthouse cabinet. Stranger still, why has a dead man been spotted in the town?

With the help of intriguing local girl, Hattie, the secrets of Salt Guesthouse are unravelled but not before the children find themselves in grave danger.

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