Peace and Disquiet

Helen Laycock
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Genres: Short Story Collections, Contemporary, Short Story Collections. Format: Multiple. Views: This Week 23, Total 885.
A collection of twelve slightly disturbing tales which encompass mortality, mentality, brutality and reality.
Sleep tight

`the work of an accomplished writer, one with true knowledge of the craft'

`an outstanding collection of short stories'

`I was left open mouthed at the sinister realism and very brave and powerful writing'

`two of the very best stories of this kind I have ever read'

`I almost felt as if the words themselves were drawing me in and binding me to each and every syllable'

`Helen Lay**** writes with a deep understanding of her characters'

`intriguing and is crafted with figurative, poetic language which flows beautifully'

`each one is a masterpiece that could only have been created by the master story teller that she undoubtedly is'

`Great short stories that send you through a host of emotions'

`Each story is unique and well crafted'

`a great collection of short stories that are well written and enjoyable'

`Well worth the price'

`I was held captive until the end'

`she can certainly send shivers up the spine!'

`this author writes in such a way that you can't help but turn the page'

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