Recipe For Results - The 7 Day Diet for Every Body!

Innervision Media
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Genres: Children's, Graphic Novels, Health and Safety. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 3, Total 814.
Watch out, Atkins! Move over, Paleo! Out of the way, Weight Watchers!
There's a new kid in town...

★★★★★ Recipe For RESULTS! ★★★★★
Smart Steps To A Better Body...

Junk food and sugary sodas have made everybody sick and tired, fat and fed up.
Emma and her friend the Owl are the only ones who know what to do. In just seven days they plan to turn the tubby town around!

This colorful cartoon reveals the "secrets of the slim" in seven bite-sized chunks that add up to an effective Recipe For Results!

**** Magic Monday
Recognizing the truth about food

**** Choosy Tuesday
Enjoying each mouthful

**** Winning Wednesday
Smart starts to make your day

**** Thoughtful Thursday
Understanding your appetite

**** Feelgood Friday
Lightening up with effortless exercise

**** Sensational Saturday
Tracking your progress

**** Secret Sauce
The essential ingredient for success

This book will be appreciated by any Mum who wants her kids to grow up fit and well with great eating habits.
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