Resolute Action

Liam Saville
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Genres: Crime, Thrillers and Suspense, Military and Espionage. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 41, Total 2343.
When an elite Royal Australian Navy Clearance Diver is gunned down in the streets of Sydney, military investigator, Sam Ryan finds himself on the trail of a ruthless people-smuggling syndicate with links to the Indonesian military.

From the underworld of Kings Cross, to the waters off northern Australia, to exotic Indonesia, Ryan finds himself in a life-threatening race to hunt down those responsible.

With the official police investigation all but closed can Ryan uncover the truth before he too becomes a statistic?
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Good Story, Well Written, Recommended, Well Edited in 2 reviews.
Paul Smith : The story starts with the killing of an Australian special forces sailor doing some moonlighting and leads to a web of intrigue, lies and cover-up.

The story is fast paced, well written and the Australian slant (from my perspective) was very refreshing.

A great read - good for YA and Adults alike.