Mist in Time (Tree Spirits in Time Book 2)

Pam Golden
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Genre: Children's. Format: Multiple. Views: This Week 95, Total 207.
"A sudden scream tears through the sounds of the forest. I freeze. Is it human? Is it animal? I have two choices; do I stay and do nothing, or do I investigate? It takes less than a second for me to decide."

Continuing her travels through time, Jenni finds herself at the dawn of an era in the Stone Age, where she makes new friends and discoveries. Life has changed in some ways since her last visit and it takes her a while to adjust. Uncovering intriguing secrets, Jenni is still entranced by the everyday life she encounters. She learns exciting and sometimes dangerous new skills while beginning to develop more understanding of others. However, the problems she has left in the future need solving. Will the past reveal a solution? And can she find her wise and inspirational friend, Druantia, again?

The second in the 'Tree Spirits in Time' series, Pam C. Golden’s unique stories continue to be inspired by her love of the Earth, her fascination with the idea of nature spirits and the mysteries of prehistory.

At a pivotal moment in the story of Ancient Britain, there are many possibilities. Which choices will be made?
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