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Many cultures have shared the dream of possessing the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea since time immemorial. In 1956, Ishmael Al Mohammed,is determined to gain information which will reclaim the infant state of Israel for the displaced Palestinian Arabs, one of whom is his mother. While on an espionage mission, posing as an Israeli, under the cover name of Isaac Ben Abraham he falls passionately in love with a beautiful Israeli actress, Rebecca Silverman. He must decide if he will betray the only woman he will ever care for or be true to Islam, Egypt, and his family. A Christian, Danny O'Halloran, dreams of walking the Stations of the Cross in Jerusalem, while the pagan donkey goddess, Pales, dreams of being worshipped again by the original Canaanites. Israeli politicians dream of making Israel a nuclear power, while Britain and France conspire to regain the Suez Canal. Against the backdrop of circumstances leading to the 1956 Suez War a love story which encompasses the forbidden romance between Romeo and Juliet, Delilah's betrayal of Samson, and the treachery of Britain's MI6 double agents unfolds as Ishmael and Rebecca's story spans 3,000 years of history. (21065)