Beavers' Lodge

Joseph Murphy-James
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Genre: Children's. Format: Multiple. Views: This Week 175, Total 458.
Beavers’ Lodge is a colour illustrated novel from Grandpa Joe and his bedtime stories aimed at children of all ages; parents can read the tales to younger children and older children can read them unsupervised.

Beavers’ Lodge is from the Dingle Valley series by Joseph Murphy-James and tells of the antics of the animals living in the valley, woods and lakes of the same name. Three beavers arrive, having travelled south from Scotland and settle in Dingle Wood, creating lakes that resemble three fingers, easily seen from the top of Dingle Hill. Not everyone is pleased by the appearance of the beavers and the flooding of the valley. Led by Spotter the Otter, decisive action is planned and it divides the community.

Joseph Murphy-James (Grandpa Joe) writes fantasy in addition to writing children’s yarns. He tells everyone that there is a similarity between the two genres but that is for you to decide.
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