Rise Of The Nephilim (The Tamar Black Saga #7)

Nicola Rhodes
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Genres: Fantasy, Contemporary, Offbeat or Quirky. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 2, Total 903.
The seventh book in the Tamar Black Saga

Tamar and Co. – the Next Generation Who’s that girl? Meet Iphigenia Black – daughter of Tamar (oh, and er Denny too) Cindy’s back and madder than ever – and she’s brought a little surprise with her. Isn’t it amazing how fast they grow up? Renamed Ashtoreth, son of Cindy has become a powerful threat. Born of a fallen angel and a mortal woman, he is the Nephilim. And Cindy intends to throw him full force at Tamar and co – revenge is sweet. But Tamar and Denny have a little surprise of their own. With the power of the Rheingold, Cindy herself has become a formidable enemy. But what will happen when she meets Denny again and realizes that she has not quite forsaken love after all?
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