Djinnx'd (The Tamar Black Saga #1)

Nicola Rhodes
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Genres: Fantasy, Contemporary, Offbeat or Quirky. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 3, Total 814.
What would you wish for if you were offered three wishes?
When poor little rich girl, Tamar, found a dirty old bottle in the river and released an ancient and powerful Djinn, she decided to go for the big one, the wish to end all wishes.

Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time...

Djinnx'd ...

... or Jinxed by a genie, which is what happens to Tamar when she is tricked into taking the genie's place in the bottle.

Good - in that she now has phenomenal cosmic power

Bad - in that she is now the slave of the bottle for the next several eternities.

But eternity is cut short when she meets Denny.

At first he seems just the latest in a long line of human masters, but it soon becomes apparent that he is no ordinary master when he declares his intention to set Tamar free from her bondage - no matter what the cost.

He has no idea what he's let himself in for.

Witches, mermaids, houri's a homicidal Djinn and a mad forest god with a superiority complex and that's not the half of it...

What can kill a Djinn?

If Denny can't answer this question in time then it will all have been for nothing.

“The first Tamar Black book is a lively and delightful read.” (Witchreader on Amazon US)

“Comic fantasy at its best. Comparable with the masters of the genre.” (Wendy Darling on Amazon US)

“ … A delightfully funny story, yet laced with suspense.” (Bleep50 On Amazon US)

“Four stars for an entertaining read and one extra for originality.” (YBR on Amazon UK)

“Campy, zany, off the wall, and a hell of a lot of fun, Djinnx'd doesn't slow down.” (gnoshinmidges On Amazon US)
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