The Shadow Worlds (The SCI'ON Trilogy #1)

Nicola Rhodes
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Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 1, Total 818.
The first book in the SCI 'ON Trilogy

Whenever a decision is taken that is of significance to the world, the world divides and two alternate futures are created. In the beginning, there was only one world. That world we name SCI ‘ON. All other worlds that sprang from it, we name the shadow worlds. Some believe SCI ‘ON is the only real world and that all others are mere reflections, hence the name. Others believe that all the alternate worlds are equally real and important – however they may have come into being.
Whatever the case, one thing is certain. If SCI ‘ON itself – the cradle of creation– were to be destroyed, all other worlds would cease to exist. For SCI‘ON is the mainspring and without it, the shadow worlds would have no point of origin.

Johnny Hammond is not your ordinary computer nerd. He has the makings of a hero. When a mysterious man shows him the way To SCI ‘ON, Johnny becomes obsessed. And only he can find a way to get there through the myriad shadow worlds that stand in his way. But someone doesn’t want him to get there.

From earliest childhood, Ryan and Kai have been best friends. The fact that they come from separate universes is not allowed to stand in their way.
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