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From her home in the hills of Umbria, Kitty relates the tale of her remarkable childhood to her loving companions, Delphine and George. This uplifting epic is about human compassion and the kindness of strangers. Born in the dust bowl of mid-America, Kitty finds herself alone after her world is destroyed in the Great Storm of 1935. Traumatised and wandering, she seeks refuge from Stella, a teacher in a school bereft of pupils. However, the religious and social pressures of the age force the pair on a journey both actual and psychological which lead them from rural Colorado to New York and eventually to live in a communal household in Cambridge, England. It is here she meets Peter, a theosophist, pacifist and vegetarian, who cares not only for her but for other refugees escaping war-torn Europe. Following a major crisis, a distraught Kitty leaves Cambridge and goes to London to become an artist. An unexpected invitation to return to the States reopens deeply repressed memories of painful times past. Will Kitty's ghosts be finally laid to rest? (22136)