Words to Thrive By: Powerful Stories of Courage and Hope

Mary Anne Dorward
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The journey through life is about more than finding answers…it’s about finding perspective. Join professional speaking coach and cancer survivor Mary Anne Dorward on a path of self-discovery and growth. Personal stories, poetry and treasured wisdom gained along her journey convey particular words and meaning that you can take away and apply immediately to your own life. Filled with wisdom, laughter and love, this Handbook of Hope for the seeking soul takes you on the quest for a life of peace and purpose. Words to Thrive By: Powerful Stories of Courage and Hope is your companion in the exploration of the vast frontiers of the heart.

"Mary Anne Dorward’s chosen words have deep meaning for anyone striving to live an authentic existence. Her real life stories are magnetizing, riveting, dramatic, and still true, making her truth better than most fiction. Words to Thrive By is one of those books I want to have on hand to give my friends and my family because I know they will benefit from reading it."

About the Author
Mary Anne Dorward, PCC, is a speaker, author, coach, award-winning political advertising and radio host and a cancer survivor. As a certified professional speaking coach, Mary Anne Dorward, PCC, has helped hundreds of people give powerful and winning presentations. Her clients include politicians, CEO’s, sports celebrities and humanitarians. Mary Anne has helped businesspeople across the country sharpen their ability to speak both strategically and authentically to their many different audiences – clients, investors, board members, employees and the media. Mary Anne is committed to being a positive influence in the lives, organizations and companies she touches through her speaking, coaching and writing. She has coached leaders in the business and the not-for-profit communities to help them both gain visibility and raise millions of dollars. A graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, Mary Anne is also veteran of the National Speakers Association. Mary Anne has addressed hundreds of groups, delivering entertaining, educational and inspirational keynote speeches and workshops both nationally and internationally. She has been a professional actress on stage, television and radio since she was 17. Mary Anne lives in the Pacific Northwest and is an avid international traveller.

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