Disappearance of book reading amongst growing children and young adults in Africa and other parts of

Chimezie Ihekuna
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'Disappearance of book reading amongst growing children and young adults in Africa and other parts of the world'is a rare-to-find masterpiece that sheds light on reasons book-reading culture has declined over the years. It asserts the fact that book-reading culture decline is not only limited to the black race, a contradiction of the notions of many peoples of the world. However, it maintains a stance that book reading in the form of acquired qualitative information is the bedrock behind man’s witty inventions, wealth and other virtues of benefit to humanity.
Interestingly, Why We No Longer Read Books concludes, following the Shakespearean assertion: ‘If you are not informed, you are deformed’, that one of the factors, distinguishing an individual at present and in future is the quality of books read.
The target audience is the youth and it is very marketable in book stores, as an educational material and a home package. Also, libraries and other education-supporting outfits can find this classic very useful. Therefore your assistance towards the publication of this great work will be appreciated. Without a doubt, profitability and world fame await you.

This is not limited to the black race alone. In fact, these days, races of the world seem to have a relatively complacent attitude towards reading;from the growing infants to young adults, particularly juveniles(teenagers).
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