DEADWOOD HALL: 'A thrilling magical fantasy adventure for children aged 7-10' (Oozing Magic series)

Linda Jones
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Genres: Children's, Picture Books. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 193, Total 419.

The author has indicated that this book is not suitable for children and young adults.

An illustrated magical fantasy adventure. It’s midwinter's eve and everything is about to change for Dylan and his sister Emily. Being shrunk down to three inches is the easy part. They end up racing through underground tunnels – riding on the back of a very angry centipede – and trying to outsmart a whole army of slimy Whivicks. Deadwood Hall is about secrets, friendship, magic, weird creatures and looking out for each other when things go very wrong. This adventure is just the beginning – that’s if Dylan and Emily can survive until midnight!
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