How to Give up Drinking: and be part of the world again

Francesca Hepton
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READ THIS if you are a 30-40-something woman dependent on alcohol and want to stop drinking now.That next drink represents a great big FULL STOP on the rest of your day, evening, life and dreams.This powerful guide will take you through the steps to give up drinking for good if it is wrecking your life or to quit drinking alcohol as a form of escape. Drinking should be something you enjoy every now and then, not a demon that dictates your life.This guide helps you understand why you are dependent on alcohol, what it is doing to you and how to stop drinking every day.

Through the proven OWN IT - HATE IT BEAT IT method, you can re-educate yourself to want something better, something more from your life than just a bad head, de-energised body and self-loathing.Removing alcohol from your system is an essential part of detoxing and healthy living.Help yourself to fulfil your aspirations and put your fickle ego out to dry. Become the bright shining version of yourself you want to be and are.WAKE UP EVERY DAY WITH A SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT AND PURPOSE INSTEAD OF A HANGOVER!

"One of the best books on how to stop drinking ever!"

"This book on how to give up drinking empowers women to get their life back. A must read."
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