Incident at Barbers Ridge

Roger J Barton
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Genres: Historical Fiction, Action and Adventure, Cultural Fiction. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 233, Total 633.

The author has indicated that this book is not suitable for children and young adults.

This is a story about a conflict somewhere in Africa. Although the characters are fictitious, the situation is based on facts. The writer lived and worked in Africa for many years. A war correspondent is sent to report on a long standing dispute about land ownership. The original settlers have farmed the land for generations, producing, crops for their livelihood.

The indigenous people want their land back, claiming it is their inheritance. Both sides have a genuine claim, worth fighting for. This leads to a minor war with the army. They are led by 'A Squad', an experienced bushland fighting unit, who operate out of a base deep in hostile territory. The squad is fighting in the harsh conditions of the savannah, where the terrain is as much of an enemy as the rebels. The rebels are born in the savannah and seem to appear and disappear into the sand and heat haze. The story is also a mixture of politics and ethnic rivalry.

Much of the action is set in Mwanza, where the squad go to between missions. This is a remote rest and recuperation town, full of drink, sex, gambling and drugs. The rebels have an ace player, who could perhaps broker a deal between both sides. In the story, the lives and aspirations of the major players are examined. The final outcome is forged at Barbers Ridge, the rebels major stronghold.
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