You Can't Go It Alone (Sunflower Book 1)

Jessie Cahalin
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Genres: Cultural Fiction, Contemporary. Format: Multiple. Views: This Week 226, Total 446.

The author has indicated that this book is not suitable for children and young adults.

Love, music and secrets are woven together in this poignant, heart-warming narrative.

Set in a Welsh village, the story explores the contrast in attitudes and opportunities between different generations of women. As the characters confront their secrets and fears, they discover truths about themselves and their relationships.

The reader is invited to laugh and cry, with the characters, and find joy in the simple things in life. Listen to the music and enjoy the food, as you peek inside the world of the inhabitants of Delfryn.

Let Sophie show you that no one can go it alone. Who knows, you may find some friends with big hearts…

An intricate, thoughtful story of real people whose life will continue long after the author has typed the end.’ Patricia Feinberg Stoner, author

'It’s a roller-coaster of a novel in which the beautiful Welsh countryside and weather take a leading role. I was gripped by these characters, and by Cahalin’s fascinating touches.' Maggie Humm, Emeritus Professor, University of East London

'Fascinating read about many of life’s challenges. Recommended to men and women alike.' John Broughton, novelist

'The author has a real feeling for character and place, and it really shines through her work. Her ideas around plot and how a story unfolds are original, and well executed, with a good balance of lightness and shade.' Welsh Annie, Top 500 Reviewer Amazon

'Complex and vivid tapestry of a story' Jena. C. Henry, USA blogger and reviewer

'The characters leap off the page and it is a pleasure to follow their progress.
Gail Aldwin, Chair of the Dorset Writers' Network

'Novel with a warm heart' Daisy Meadows, bestselling children's author.

'Jessie Cahalin has a lovely light touch with her poetic prose.' Judith Barrow, author
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