M.I.C.E. and the Future

William Coniston
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Genre: Young Adult. Format: Multiple. Views: This Week 159, Total 363.

The author has indicated that this book is not suitable for children and young adults.

Olly and Tilly receive a letter from the future pleading for help. It says something terrible will happen years later at a place they know well on the North Yorkshire coast. Using the black Stone passed down in their family for centuries, they seek advice from their ancestor Alfred and learn that an old enemy is at work – but it’s impossible because he’s in prison. Mysteries quickly deepen, leading Olly and Tilly into deadly danger with their friends Kiran and Daniel and some small but talented creatures from the ancient secret organisation called M.I.C.E. Standing alone against evil forces that threaten the whole country and the world beyond, surely four children, a dog, three mice, a rabbit and a budgie stand no chance at all?
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