Time is Running Out: An Olive Branch for Mankind

Alan Barker
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Genres: Science Fiction, Cultural Fiction, Young Adult. Format: Multiple. Views: This Week 301, Total 301.
This may seem a strange thing to say but I am proud to be English. You see, we don't ask to be born and, when we are, there is no choice of nationality, region, class, gender, attractiveness, intelligence, colour or creed. We need to accept our inheritance from the fusion of our parents genes and I do so with pride as, now ninety years of age in the pandemic year of 2020 (something I forecast way back in 2003), I look back and tell myself how lucky I have been.

My granddaughter asked me, 'What kind of car did you have when you were little, grandad?' My reply was, 'We had a bike between seven of us and that was my mother's cycle.' It set me thinking on how the world has changed in my time, something I guess that comes to anyone of my age. There have been massive leaps in technology but perhaps not joyfulness nor gratitude for what we have. In reality, good health and happiness are unappreciated riches, which brings me to my novel, the one (hopefully) you're considering reading. I started it in 2003 and am grateful to Paul for completing it for me. David Attenborough used the title of my book Time is Running Out (one that I chose a long time ago) to describe the plight of the planet and our poor stewardship of it. This is a tale that confronts our plight head‑on, giving an insight into a better way of running our world, assisted by a (sometimes) benign force - I think it offers hope, if we have the vision to take the olive branch offered.

We may have to rescue ourselves from the predicament we're in but there is one message that is clear from my novel: Perhaps we should start taking care of our only home? I hope you who come after me will rise to the challenge.
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