Acquiesce: Book One of Sparks and Sparrows

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Genres: Romance, Erotica, Contemporary. Format: Multiple. Views: This Week 70, Total 845.
Contemporary Erotic Romance about two broken people coming together and fixing each other's painful pasts. A story of heartbreak and complications to find love in an unlikely situation. Written in the voice of Lenka Roberts and takes place in sunny South Africa.

Lenka Roberts was a post-grad student, finishing her master's degree in plant protection. She received a reward, usually given to professors, who had devoted their entire life's work to the concern. Her wounded mind made her weak. Making her question and fear everything she did. She denied herself all pleasures in life, to avoid failure and heartache.

Malcom Clifton, her benefactor and a billionaire before the age of thirty, made her an unrefusable offer. Promises of being a better version of herself and achieving more, through her sexuality, made her curious. Even if the idea of the offer was insane and bound to head for heartbreak, she needed the release.

Malcom helped Lenka let go of the demons that crossed her mind, but in that, she found his. They were dark and pulled him deeper into self-destruction with each passing day. Malcom's habitually secluded ways disappeared when he was with Lenka.

Rule number one of the agreement was to not fall in love. It became unavoidable as their connection became stronger than their rationality. Their souls stretched the length of time to find one another. Fate brought them together, but monsters would test their devotion.
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