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You can advertise on the Wise Grey Owl book promotion site and your advert will appear on the pages you select when you create or alter your advert. Your advert doesn't have exclusive access to the pages you specify and other advertisers will also want their adverts on these pages.

When you create an advert it is submitted for review to ensure that it does not breach our terms and conditions as there are strict conditions applied to some types of advertising. If we approve your advert we will ask you to pay for the advert and will then make it available on our site. You may pay via Paypal or direct bank transfer or via a cheque drawn on a UK bank.

We rotate the adverts on a strict round-robin basis so that a visitor to a page views a different advert each time. The maximum number of adverts we allow for a page is 1,000.

You'll find our prices very competitive at 20 for ever, or until you request that the advert is removed. When you add an advert you agree to it being shown and you pay in advance. You may cancel the advert at any time but there are no refunds of the fees you have paid. (20155)