The Clean Green Dragon

Rebecca Bielawski
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Genre: Children's. Format: eBook. Views: This Week 47, Total 87.

So, there was this dragon. Yeah, he was mighty, with all the power of the sun and the earth at his wingtips but he was also a little lazy. One day, an annoying problem washed up on his doorstep. Well no, it was more than annoying, it was downright disgusting. The question is would he get off his scaly butt and do something about it?

A fun tale that tells us to look over our shoulder every once in a while to check if we are leaving this planet better or worse than we found it.

From the author:

"I was trying to write a legend. As if once there was a planet with an environmental problem and this is how it was solved, and now it is just a story that we tell to our children, like :"children used to sweep chimneys for a job and we used to throw rubbish in the sea, but then we stopped because it was dumb". I wrote a fun simplistic story about our responsibilities to the environment, specifically about single-use plastics (one of our most ridiculous inventions ever) and how our oceans are expected to wash it all away. " Rebecca Bielawski
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