Matter of Perspective

David Fletcher
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Genre: Science Fiction. Format: Hardback. Views: This Week 76, Total 2463.
Jacques, a flamboyant scientist, is in a tragic a traffic accident. His wife Francine cannot accept that he is dead until they find his body. As the police find nothing, she decides to do her own investigation. Whilst rooting through Jacques' papers at the university, she discovers that her husband was in the middle of inventing an innovative way of containing nuclear fusion.

Is the idea harebrained or brilliant? Whatever the answer, it soon becomes clear that a sinister company sees Jacques' ideas as a threat. These people are ruthless enough to stop anyone continuing his work. Jacques’ closest colleagues and friends band together to help Francine get to the truth.

As the story unfolds, they are drawn deeper into a scientific puzzle that increases their determination to stop the malignant organisation in its tracks.
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Very Good Story, Well Written, Recommended, Reasonably Edited in 3 reviews.