Heythwaite and the Ghost Train

Annie Eileen Rogers
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Genres: Cultural Fiction, Women's Fiction, General Fiction. Format: Multiple. Views: This Week 149, Total 1075.
The sequel to Annie Eileen Rogers’ novel ‘Four Seasons of Heythwaite’, the antics of a small Yorkshire Town in which Heythwaite is introduced to a new nuisance, the sound of a steam train along the footpath, the route of a long disused railway track.

Angie has moved to Sydney after a whirlwind romance and Marlie and Edward visit her, moving on to Cairns and then to Perth. During their visit, the nerd Edward receives some good news, something that gives Marlie trepidation.

May, Ambrose’s mother, comes to live with Beatrice and Ambrose, stopping Beatrice in her tracks as she tries to welcome her mother-in-law into her home.

Dolly is given a talisman by a Buddist vagrant who tells her that it is a bringer of good fortune and will keep her safe. Perhaps it is Daniel who needs it most?

The story follows on from Four Seasons of Heythwaite with favourite characters making an appearance and new ones adding to the mix. Its a saga of mystery and intrigue in a comforting Yorkshire setting.

Annie Eileen Roger writes stories about stoic Yorkshire folk with the Dales, hills and Towns of God’s Own County as a backdrop. If you're familiar with Yorkshire, you'll recognise it and, if not, you'll learn to love it.
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