Elfin Witches’ Knotwork: How to Make a Faerie Lay

The Silver Elves
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Genres: Religious and Inspirational, New Age, Non-Fiction. Format: Paperback. Views: This Week 17, Total 97.
ELFIN WITCHES’ KNOTWORK: How to Make a Faerie Lay will show you how and why we Silver Elves have made our own ‘Faerie Lay’ for elfin knot magic and the accompanying magical elfin spells and chants to go with it, so that you will be able to make and use your own for your magic as well. Knotwork or using knots when casting spells is one of the most ancient of magics and is associated with weaving magic, thread magic, rope magic and sewing and knot tying magics in all their various forms and permutations.
Part One of ELFIN WITCHES’ KNOTWORK will give you detailed instructions along with photographs on making your own Faerie Lay, as well as how to purify and charge your Faerie Lay. We also discuss how we Silver Elves came to make our own Faerie Lay; variations of using beads as knots of magic power found in traditions of world religions and cultures; reclaiming this ancient elfin string magic and thus passing on our very own magical culture; and deciding how you will use your own Faerie Lay in your magic before you design it.
In Part Two, you will first find a short introduction that explains how to use the spells given in this section relating to using your Faerie Lay to raise the power of your Chakras. In the chapter that follows the introduction, each of the 7 Chakras in the body are explained from an elven perspective and a magical spell relating to each of the seven Chakras is given, which also correlates to each of the seven sections of the Faerie Lay. Each of the 7 spells are comprised of seven short chants, so 49 chants in all or one for each knot in your Faerie Lay. These spells and chants are in English as well as in our magical elven language Arvyndase or Silverspeech. These spells are for s’elf development as related to each of the 7 Chakras and you may use these spells systematically as you go through the knots on your Faerie Lay. You will also find in Part Two several chapters exploring variant meanings of the word knot (including nodes as a variation of knot, the knot and nautical, elf knots, tree knots, Gordian knot, the Druid’s Cord, and the Celtic Knot). Also the basics of magic and magical practices in general are explored in detail in several chapters.
For most elves, the elven star is the symbol of the elven people and the ancient future that is again awakening. In Part Three we first take a look at the Elven Star history of adoption in modern times by the Elf Queen’s Daughters, along with its meanings and associations with the Seven Rays of Manifestation and color magic. We explore how to use the Elven Star for knot magic and go through the Elven Star Silver Elves Meditation with spells and chants for your Faerie Lay. Also we explore the knot magic of the bag people and the Fir Bolg of ancient Ireland; lace and the knot magic of the ancient elfae people including the Tuatha De Danaan and the Daione Sidhe, hair nets and knot magic; the mystery of veils as knot magic; and webs as they relate to knot magic.
And in Part Four of Elfin Witches’ Knotwork, we first look in the introduction at the primary powers in life and the universe. Haven’t you always wondered what they are? And following this discussion, we Silver Elves share the meaning and use of our own formulated Seven Powers to increase as individuals and develop along the path of the Elven Way. Along with explaining what it means to have these powers in your life and how to obtain each of these powers, we give you chants and spells to use in your Faerie Lay magic related to each of these seven powers. Other topics discussed in this part are: The Witches Garland, the Faerie Lei, the Faerie Lay, Faerie Roads and Lei Lines, and Song Lines.
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