The Smith's Grand Tour of Britain

Paul Smith
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This is a very personal story about Paul and Julie, a couple getting to a certain time of their life deciding to discover a little more about the country that they inhabit.

They have travelled the world and seen some wonderful places and interesting people. They've slummed it, lived it up in nice resorts or hotels, taken their chances whilst driving long distances and choosing places at the last minute and been on organised treks to far flung places where tents, leeches, large spiders and snakes have been the order of the day.

This time they travelled around Britain, minus leeches, etc, towing a caravan to visit places they've been before when they were young and places they have never visited.

Britain is a diverse and interesting place with many different types of terrain in a relatively small place. Despite being densely populated it also has wild places where one can be at one with the environment.

The story is told as they saw it. You may not agree with all of observations and your favourite place may be the subject of severe criticism. They don't mind if you disagree with them; these are their views and that's what this book is all about. This is a very personal odyssey to meet new facets of a friend they know well, their country.

The book is dedicated to Paul's mum Eileen Smith (nee Rogers) who died of cancer and to Julie's mum Jean Brown (nee Johnson) who died soon after an operation. All profits from the book are being donated to Marie Curie Cancer Care.
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