A Question of Resistance - Two Perspectives

Paul Smith
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Two nineteen year old teenagers embark on a motorcycle trip to Brittany in Northern France and slip through a rift in time, finding themselves in occupied France during World War Two.

They are discovered by resistance fighters in a maquis - an undercover group aligned to Britain's Special Operations Executive (SOE) responsible for sabotage to assist the allied invasion against the Nazi occupation.

After initial suspicion, they are assimilated into the maquis and expected to pull their weight - boys swiftly turn into men as they witness the brutality of the German war machine.

A rapidly moving story that spotlights the bravery of resistance fighters, active and passive, blended with the trials of time travellers adapting to the strange and terrifying world of their history books.

The tale is told in two parts - first from Jacques viewpoint in his own words as he and his friend Georges are assimilated into the resistance. The second part commences as René and Isaac (Jewish) drift through the tear in time together - never having met before. Their paths cross with Jacques and Georges but it isn't plain sailing for any of them.
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Very Good Story, Very Well Written, Definitely Recommended, Well Edited in 4 reviews.