Four Seasons of Heythwaite - The Antics of a Small Yorkshire Town

Annie Eileen Rogers
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Genres: Cultural Fiction, Women's Fiction, Action and Adventure. Format: Multiple. Views: This Week 94, Total 2138.
Heythwaite is a small town in the Yorkshire dales, between three imposing hills that surround it. Inhabitants are stoic Yorkshire folk who speak their minds, often before their brains kick-in to prevent them conversing. The novel tells the tales of Heythwaite's residents over a complete year when much happens in the town and a couple of pensioners take an adventure in Perth, Australia. The ripples they cause find their way back to their home, surprising both of them.

A new coffee house is being opened in the High Street and the owner is from Lancashire, but she's not as bad as is billed. Meanwhile there's a spate of robberies in Heythwaite and those affected have a cruise around the Mediterranean in common. Is there a link? Does a visit to Dolly's son and daughter in Perth, Australia shed light on the incidents? A cascade of events, starting with Dolly's intervention in Kings' Park Botanical Gardens in Perth when a drunk tries to attack a student, filmed by a nearby TV crew, throws up more questions than answers.
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