Primetastic! – 50 tips for life when you’re over 50

Richard Ciechan
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Are you in your prime? Do you feel primetastic? If not, why not?

Here you are, aged between 50 and 70, no longer in the first flush of youth but, quite definitely, years away from being old.

Youre part of a whole new sector of society, so new it has yet to be given a name a vibrant global generation which the world hasnt seen before. Its one in which you can look forward to many healthy, active, useful years - feeling fulfilled and having fun.

This is the age to push the boundaries, live life to the full, and do all those things youve always wanted to do. This is a time for a relaxed, confident, assertive you.

Yet its not always easy to see what opportunities are available, what changes need to be made, and where and how to start.

Primetastic! is here to help re-defining what you should expect of yourself at this age and challenging you to make the most of todays unique and exciting opportunities, whilst planning for a happy and fulfilling future.

Through 50 highly motivating, practical tips, it encourages you to
become the person you want to be. Not just good for your age, but Primetastic!

Authors Dianne Bown-Wilson and Richard Ciechan are the founders of
in my prime, the leading organisation for mature people rethinking their lives. They are writers, trainers, and business advisors on issues concerning older workers and are often asked to act as media spokespeople on topics relating to the 5070 age group.

They are wholeheartedly enthusiastic about being in their prime themselves.
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